Online Teaching

In the era of information flood,everything is undergoing transformation.
15 years back mobile phones was not even in our dreams.Now within these years it has reached all over the world and undergone several changes. technology is making things easier and space concept is vanishing,everyone around the world is connected with the help of technology.People are just like living in one country with different languages and culture .
just like india.
lots of girls are completing professional degrees and not able to work . this is a national waste to our country or i must say the this situation the e teacing is more relevant . becoz anyone who has a professional degree and computer savy can enter this field. and make money .let us make the money flow
e-teaching or online teaching is using the a white board software to teach ,with which we can,explain share learning materials.

In my experience i was able to teach US students.that gave me an oppurtunity to know about their culture learning strategies etc...